Xtreme Locator

Providing Zip Code dealer locator software, mapping and IVR since year 1999. Integrate a store or dealer locator within your website, Facebook, and major CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.
A full featured locator that works as dealer locator, Product or specialty locator (ex: find repair or sales center), mobile locator (proper formatting for smartphones), phone locator (search locations by phone through IVR technology) with plug-in integration to Joomla and WordPress and many more (FaceBook native application coming soon). You can integrate our service through the use of freely provided plug-ins, .net or php code, Flash code, or simple HTML and iFrame code.

IVR Locator

Your customers can call a phone number and enter the Zip or postal code and get nearest location through our IVR phone system.

Mapping Services

Xtreme Locator allows you to publish your business locations to many mapping services, like Google Places, Navteq/Here.net (Nokia maps), TomTom.


Xtreme Locator allows you to have different icons uploaded for display. You can also have different levels of dealers, like Gold and premium dealers, or service centers and sales centers.

Xtreme Locator can work with Zip codes in the USA and Postal Codes from over 21 countries including Canada, Germany and England.

Xtreme Locator is packed with features, like detail statistics and analysis and unlimited nesting of categories and specialty stores, while at the same time, offering reliable SAAS hosting. In fact, our company publishes its reliability reports year after year.